Donald Trump criticized by former WWE CEO Linda McMahon, calls GOP campaign ‘over the top’

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Photo courtesy: Linda McMahon/Flickr.com

Donald Trump, candidate for the Republican nomination for president has been criticized by former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Linda McMahon. The 67-year-old former Republican Party candidate believes that current state of the 2016 race has played out more like a WWE storyline than an election campaign.

Linda McMahon, a two time former GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate has tagged the GOP campaign as “rhetoric” and has criticized some of the comments made as “deplorable”. She has insisted both Trump and Ted Cruz to focus on real issues rather than involving their families.

“I think the rhetoric has really gone over the top. Some of the comments that have been made, I think, are quite deplorable. I would like to see our candidates focus on the issues.” Linda McMahon said, as reported by Yahoo.com.

Both Trump and Cruz have publicly dragged their opponent’s spouses into the limelight mainly with the physical appearance being the focus point. Linda herself has been on the receiving end of such an incident when her daughter Stephanie McMahon was targeted during her campaign.

“I can relate to how they get down in the mud with that stuff, and you really want to hit back hard.” Linda added.

Despite criticizing Trump because of his comments made against women, Linda McMahon is backing the man from Queens, New York City to run the country given Trump wins the Republican nomination and finally the White House.

Trump has had a long standing relationship with the WWE which dates back to him hosting a pay-per-view event at Atlantic City. The 69-year-old was also involved in a WWE storyline in WrestleMania 23 against Linda’s husband and company owner Vince McMahon.

Linda McMahon also believes that this is the right time for the country to have a woman president. However, she was quick to note that one should not elect someone because of being a woman and that the best candidate should be elected.

Photo courtesy: Linda McMahon/Flickr.com

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