Dwayne The Rock Johnson on Baywatch critics: ‘What a job they have huh? Just not in my DNA’

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The Rock (Photo Courtesy: Megan Elice Meadows/Flickr)

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is fired up over the negative reactions for his movie. The Great One issued a stern response to critics. He is apparently fired up over the negative reviews for his newly released Hollywood movie Baywatch. Rocky issued a stern response to movie critics who, as per several entertainment outlets, are having a field day criticizing the action-comedy movie.

Rotten Tomatoes gives Baywatch a dismal rating

Popular American movie/TV critic website Rotten Tomatoes is said to have given Rocky’s movie Baywatch a 20% approval rating on its website. This is a score that’s considered very low for the average Hollywood movie. The critic consensus is as follows:

“Baywatch takes its source material’s jiggle factor to R-rated levels. But, lacks the original’s campy charm. It leaves its charming stars flailing in the shallows.”

Not one to shy away from criticism and confrontation, the Rock responded-

Besides, with several fans and a few critics as well giving Baywatch the ‘thumbs up’, the Brahma Bull signed off in his usual Jabroni-beating style:

Dwayne Johnson works a hectic schedule with several Hollywood offerings on his plate. However, still finds the time to make WWE appearances for the millions and millions of the Rock’s fans.

For now, fans of the Great One can catch him at your nearest theater/ cinema hall starring in Baywatch. The movie also features Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron, former international beauty queen Priyanka Chopra, Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach.

The Rock is one of the highest-grossing stars in Hollywood. He is widely regarded as the most successful athletes in any sport to have made a triumphant transition to the film industry.

The 45-year old former WWE champion is featured in several multi-million dollar movies this year. This includes The Fate of the Furious, Baywatch and his upcoming film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

The Rock returning to WWE?

Just like the popular internet saying goes –  Haters gonna hate! The Rock has proved his mettle both in the WWE ring as well as in the mean, treacherous gullies of Tinseltown.

Like and dislike is subjective and the critics’ opinions – be that as they may – don’t seem to be having that big of an effect on the movie as a whole. As for a WWE return, the promotion really does need some star-power right about now, and it would definitely benefit by the Rock coming back, albeit for a few appearances.

Photo Courtesy: Megan Elice Meadows/Flickr

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