WWE News: Brie Bella hospitalized after health scare over unborn baby

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Brie Bella
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Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Brie Bella was hospitalized overnight following a health scare. Brie has revealed she was hospitalized due to issues surrounding her unborn baby’s breathing.

Brie, who is married to SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan, is awaiting the arrival of her daughter, Birdie. The Total Divas favorite, 33 – who is currently past her due date – had to spend the night in hospital after doctors discovered the problem.

In the following video, Brie states that she was required to stay in hospital overnight due to some issues with Birdie’s breathing. She goes on to say that everything is now okay with the child, and that they’ll continue to wait until the time comes for her to go into labor.

Daniel Bryan was not present in the clip. But, he is as supportive as ever when it comes to the impending birth.

Fans concerned on Brie’s health

Brie and Bryan have been posting updates on various social media platforms regarding her pregnancy. Many fans are extremely eager to get a first glimpse of Birdie.

As of now, Brie is almost a week late, with some growing concern among her supporters when it comes to the health of her child. Hence, the duo are said to be doing everything possible to induce labor. Brie previously revealed of her desire to film the birth of her daughter for her fans to see.

“It’s insane because at first I was like … I don’t know you hear women want to beat up everyone in the hospital room as it is, I can’t imagine having the cameras in there,” Brie said, as reported by Daily Mail.

“I feel like it would be really neat, all of my audience and all my fanbase and the Bella Army has seen me get engaged on TV, they’ve seen me get married on TV. And I thought what the heck, why not see me give birth on TV.”

Daniel Bryan’s return on SmackDown Live

At 41 weeks, it can’t be long now until Birdie is finally unveiled to the world. It’s a continued case of let’s wait and see. Following the birth, it’s not yet known when Bryan will return to his duties as SmackDown Live GM.

It is a tough time for Brie at this stage of her pregnancy, as she must be very uncomfortable. Thankfully, all of her fans have been able to rally behind her, which must be extremely heartwarming during such a frustrating time.

Let’s hope it’s only a matter of time!

Video courtesy: YouTube.com/The Bella Twins

Photo courtesy: GageSkidmore/Flickr

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