Former WWE Chris Nowinski might face lawsuit after Chris Benoit’s CTE concussion research; Val Venis speak up wrestling policies

Former WWE Chris Nowinski might face lawsuite
Former WWE Chris Nowinski is caught between WWE and Dr. Benett Omalu’s case on CTE claims. This disease was found out on Chris Benoit’s brain.

Former WWE Chris Nowinski is reportedly caught between the wrestling company and Dr. Bennet Omalu’s cases. This is due to Nowinski’s concussion research of Chris Benoit’s CTE (chronis traumatic encephalopathy).

The research was conducted to verify the real cause of Benoit’s crimes. Nowinski was convinced these are all rooted to the head and brain injuries acquired during WWE fights. He wrote in his book “Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis” which tackled this case.

“I was certain Benoit had suffered from CTE,” Nowinski wrote in his book. This claims were based from the scientific findings from Dr. Bennet Omalu, who examined Chris Benoit’s brain.

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According to his study, Benoit suffered from severe CTE which is considered the first confirmation of the degenerative disease in WWE performer. Shortly after the findings came out, Nowinski decided to publicize to galvanize this concern.

He supported Omalu’s results with his personal experiences as a former WWE, Boston Globe reported.

After nine years of establishing the concussion research foundation, Nowinski is facing crisis in between Dr. Omalu and WWE. A threat of possible lawsuit is foreseen.

The world-renowned forensic pathologist told that the former WWE performer attempted to ridicule him in public. He was referring to Nowinski’s statement on talking to ghosts for the CTE results.

“I am not a neurpathologist and I realied on Dr. Omalu’s statement that the brain met his criteria for a CTE diagnosis. I have no reason to question the diagnosis,” Nowinski stated. He added in his book about the doctor’s summoning to ghosts of the bodies he studied.

On the other hand, WWE subpoenaed Omalu for all his research conducted on Benoit and other professional wrestlers who died in the same disease.

The order included the turn over of all the correspondence with Chris Nowinski and the Concussion Legacy Foundation (formerly Sports Legacy Institute).

Recently, Val Venis, the semi-retired professional WWE wrestler posted in his Facebook account regarding the chain-throwing activities during the fight. This statement supported Nowinski’s claims on CTE causes.

He wrote that he was relieved when the organization took out the chair shots in behalf of the other wrestlers way back 2010. Val Venis or Sam Morley in real life claimed that this particular activity created a tremendous effect on him especially on his head.

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“I never said anything to the staff, trainers, medics or any of my colleagues as I wanted to continue performing on the road and knew I would be pulled off the road if I mentioned anything about the chair shot rattling my brain into a heavy concussion,” Val Venis cited.

WWE fans expressed their thoughts about this issue. Many of them said that neither Chris Nowinski or Dr. Omalu has faults on publicizing the concern for the wrestlers. In fact, they made everyone aware of the danger in WWE fights no matter how the company tries to hide it.

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