Goldust to Sasha Banks, Pokemon Go captivates the WWE stars in locker room

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Pokemon Go is the latest sensation in the WWE locker room. The stars are just as obsessed with the game as common people.

The game has exploded in popularity in less than a week. Wherever one goes, one person is visible in the area staring at the mobile screen.

Even Goldust is captivated by the app, as reported by Fox Sports. He has shared his feeling on Twitter.

In an intriguing news, the armed robbers used Pokemon Go to trap victims in a remote place in Missouri, as reported by the police. So, Pokemon Go is rocking the planet, days within its release.

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Recent reports suggest that the company has added $7.5 billion to its market value in the past two sessions, according to the CNBC. The app was rolled out on July 6 and is currently available only in the US market and is dominating in the list of top six free apps on the App store. It has usurped the market the same way in Australia and New Zealand.

The company is looking for a strong launch in Japan now soon. Currently, the game is freely available for download on the App store and Google play.

With a busy schedule full of tension, the game is providing the WWE stars few relieving moments in the locker room. And increasingly they are becoming obsessed with it. They are going for app purchases for additional items and power-ups.

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The WWE stars are refusing to go anywhere from the locker room. As Sasha Banks replies to someone “I can’t, I am busy playing Pokemon”. The obsession takes an increasing grip on the wrestlers.

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