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WWE News: Mark Henry to represent WWE as ambassador to the Rio Olympics

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Mark Henry will be the WWE ambassador to the Rio Olympics in Brazil. Henry is known in WWE for his weight in which he could lift and throw his opponents with ease. However, his air time in the show has also dipped in years.

Henry’s delegation in Rio Olympics was first announced by Stephanie McMahon on Raw.

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It is easy to say that Mark is deserving of this new gig since he is a former representative for the United States Men’s Weightlifting sport. This happened when he represented the country back in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.  He also represented the nation at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Henry also gained prominence after being hailed as the largest athlete ever to represent a country in the Olympics before. This is because of his hulking 6-foot-4-inches height and 414 pounds of bodyweight.

Because of Mark’s notable weight, he is called as “The World’s Strongest Man” in WWE. He used this nickname when he made his debut in 1996.

Henry dominated Jerry Lawler in his debut in a match at In Your House: Mind Games.

But during his 15-year stay in WWE, Henry was not able to win a WWE Heavyweight title yet. This is notable since he is called as the world’s strongest man yet he could not win a belt.

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However, Mark’s fate changed in September 2011. This is because he finally won the championship when he conquered Randy Orton at the Night of Champions event in Smackdown. Orton then asked for a rematch for his old belt when he fought Henry once again in a Hell in a Cell match. But the strongest man turned out to be Mark as he defeated Orton.

Henry’s reign with his title did not last long as he was defeated by another strong competitor named, Big Show. Big Show gained Mark’s championship belt at the Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC) match in WWE.

Aside from winning the World Heavyweight championship in WWE, he also won the WWF European Champion in 1999 and the ECW Championship in 2008.

The 45-year-old from Texas will surely have a memorable Olympics comeback as the WWE ambassador in the Rio Olympics.

Photo source: U.S Army/Flickr

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