Hulk Hogan hits Gawker with Leg Drop on Twitter

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Hulk Hogan celebrated his million dollar win over Gawker with a post on his Twitter account. He posted a photo of him hitting his signature Leg Drop to the Gawker logo.

As mentioned in a previous report, Hulk Hogan was awarded $115 million after a grand jury found Gawker guilty for invading his privacy. The media company was sued by Hogan after the release of his sex tape back in 2012.

The Florida jury awarded the wrestling legend with $55 million for economic harm and $60 million for emotional distress. Hogan was then awarded an additional $25 million in punitive damages to bring the total to $140 million.

However, Gawker will file an appeal and several motions. Gawker Media president and general counsel released a statement via ABC News regarding the ruling.

“Soon after Hulk Hogan brought his original lawsuits in 2012, three state appeals court judges and a federal judge repeatedly ruled that Gawker’s post was newsworthy under the First Amendment,” Dietrick said.

There is also a possibility that the former WWE champion will only receive a reduced amount of the supposed $140 million.

“I’m not saying [Hogan] is not going to walk away with some amount, but he’s not going to walk away with that amount,” Florida State University law professor Stephen MacNamara told ABC News.

Now that Hulk Hogan appears to have cleared his name, he reportedly wants to get back to the WWE. However, Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that the company is still distancing itself from Hogan.

Satin noted that the 62-year-old wrestler was completely removed from the WWE Studios film, “Killing Hasselhoff.” The whole movie went through a lot of edits just to get Hogan out of it.

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