John Cena December return updates; Will enter new feud for Royal Rumble match

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John Cena
John Cena

The return of John Cena has been confirmed with a comeback match scheduled at the WWE Smackdown in December in a three-way match against Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles. On top of this, wrestling fans also have something, even more, to look forward to next year as Cena is also reportedly joining Royal Rumble in line with one of the WWE’s biggest events.

As part of the lead up to Royal Rumble, rumors are now beginning to speculate that the Champ will be starting a new feud against a few options being listed by the WWE.

One of these rumored options is Baron Corbin, who many wrestling analysts are expecting the WWE to push in a very big way. And what else could be the biggest way possible then to pit him against the face of the WWE.

Sources are speculating that once John Cena returns to the WWE full time, the wrestling company will be creating a feud between him and Corbin. The up and coming wrestler are also expected to secure a role in the Raw versus Smackdown five on five elimination match, which will launch the feud.

If the feud lets up, then many are expecting Royal Rumble as the gauge if Corbin can keep up with the big WWE names like Cena.

Though Corbin would be benefiting largely from the alleged match with Cena, the Champ may also see himself gaining some steam in terms of his popularity, as well. Having a fresh and young face to go against his already established and experienced character, may make for a good story for the WWE.

In the meantime, while WWE fans wait for the full list of wrestlers for Royal Rumble, they can look forward to John Cena’s return on December 26, 2016, at the Madison Square Garden.

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