John Cena opens up on what’s ‘ugly’ about WWE

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John Cena has been one of the cornerstones in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for over a decade. Cena is known for hard work both inside the ring as well as outside of it. The “Cenation” leader has been carrying the company on his shoulders for a long time now.

However, recently in a book he released named “Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect: The World of John Cena”, the 38-year-old wrestler stated that he considered catchphrases as “ugly.”

WWE is known for catchphrases. From Hulk Hogan to the Rock, every superstar who has reached the pinnacle of the sport has their own catchphrases with which the fans can relate themselves too. Cena himself has a bunch of lines which he includes in almost all of his promos that goes well with the crowd. Considering this, the criticism of the word from the 15 times WWE World Heavyweight Champion seems strange and surprising.

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“Let me state for the record that I hate the word ‘catchphrase’. It’s like ‘think outside the box’ or any of those other marketing items. It’s just ugly.” Cena said, as reported by Wrestle Zone.

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In his book, Cena has also revealed how his famous “You Can’t See Me” taunt surfaced. The man from West Newbury, Massachusetts said that years ago he and his brothers were checking out hip-hop beats when they stumbled upon a “stupid song”. His brother then did a “dance from a video where he moves his head around his hands”. Cena was then dared to do the dance on WWE Velocity which he did, and then kept doing it until it became a sensation.

“I just had to modify it a little bit. Instead of shaking my head around my hand, I shook my hand around my head.” Cena said, according to Wrestling Inc.

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