John Cena WWE return set to be huge; major feud planned for MITB rumors

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John Cena has already revealed on his Twitter account that he will be returning to WWE Monday Night Raw on May 30, 2016. The much anticipated return will then be followed by a major feud as the company is planning Cena’s return to be huge. The Cenation Leader has been out of action since the beginning of 2016 owing to a shoulder injury, although he did make a one-off appearance at WrestleMania 32 with The Rock.

Rumors suggest that WWE is looking to set Cena up in a feud on the first night he returns. The feud will likely set up something for the Money in the Bank (MITB) pay-per-view (PPV). The 39-year-old may also be featured in the MITB ladder match.

However, the most likely opponent for Cena is slated to be Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute is the current No. 1 contender for the WWE United States Championship and will face Kalisto at WWE Extreme Rules 2016, for the title. If he wins the belt, a possible U.S. Championship match awaits with Cena at MITB.

If Rusev defeats Kalisto at Extreme Rules 2016, then it will be his second run with the U.S Championship. The last time he won it was in 2014 by defeating Sheamus and held it until he was defeated by Cena at WrestleMania 31, according to Fansided.

With the WWE World Heavyweight title picture already filled and the company loaded with talented superstars, Cena will need something different to do. This is where the company is thinking of rekindling his feud with Rusev.

According to sources, it is speculated that Cena will go on to defeat Rusev at MITB. The company is trying to make the title valuable once again. The 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion could restart the open challenge for the title he held on every episode of Monday Night Raw.

With almost all the major superstars already engaged in a feud at the moment, Rusev seems to be the only realistic option with whom Cena will feud for now. This might be one of the bets the company is willing to play in order to boost up its poor ratings.

Photo courtesy: U.S. Department of Defense/Wikipedia.org

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