Ken Shamrock reveals experience of working with WWE

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In an interview with The Hannibal TV, former WWE wrestler and UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock spoke about his time with the wrestling promotion and addressed various other issues.

Ken Shamrock left the WWE (or the WWF as it was known back then) in 1999 in order to resume his mixed martial arts career. He was in a feud with the WWE’s Chris Jericho at the time of his departure and an injury inflicted by Jericho’s bodyguard Mr Hughes was the reason for his departure.

Ken Shamrock recently revealed the details about his time with the WWE in an interview conducted by The Hannibal TV.

Shamrock’s reasons for joining WWE

Shamrock revealed that he joined the WWE due to two main reasons. The first being that he had left the UFC because they weren’t able to pay him the money he needed to support his family and the second was that the WWE was looking for some fresh talent after the departure of some of their top wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash.

The World’s Most Dangerous Man also spoke about his relationship with some of the other Superstars in the locker room including Steve Austin, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Shamrock stated that both Austin and Hart were two professionals who were easy to work with and even referred to them as ‘class acts’.

His stance on Shawn Michaels was very neutral and this was mainly due to the fact that he was good friends with Bret Hart. Shamrock decided to take Hart’s side during the whole ‘Montreal screw job’ and thus had an ‘okay’ relationship with Mister WrestleMania.

Shamrock also spoke about his matches with Vader and whether he would have been able to make it in MMA. He even spoke about Brock Lesnar and claimed he would have beaten the Beast Incarnate fair and square in a real fight in his prime. You can watch the interview in its entirety below.

Shamrock on taking on Brock Lesnar

In a similar interview, Shamrock mentioned that he believed he could take on current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar in a fight. Could this be a hint at a possible WrestleMania 34 matchup between The World’s Most Dangerous Man and the Beast Incarnate?

It is really great to see that someone who left the WWE almost 18 years ago still has great memories of his time with the promotion. Shamrock was definitely an important member of the WWE at the time and provided fans with some great moments. Hopefully, we can get to see him make an appearance in the near future.

Video courtesy: YouTube.com/The Hannibal TV

Photo courtesy: Ben Kevan/Wikimedia

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