Kevin Nash lashes out after allegedly showing support for Donald Trump

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Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash

Back in May, wrestling legend Kevin Nash shared a photo on Twitter showing him wearing a “Trump, make America great again” shirt which erupted a firestorm on social media, with many fans criticizing the wrestler for his political choice.

“Sported this shirt all day to see the responses I’d get,” opened the caption for his Tweet which can be seen below. “Hilary you’re in trouble girl”

This immediately gained a lot of traction online, with many fans bashing the post, with some even calling Nash an idiot and threatening to unfollow him.


Fast forward to today, and Donald Trump has won the US presidential elections in a stunning upset. Kevin Nash has also appeared to be… upset finally responding to the criticism that he received for his Tweet back in May.

In a very long and profanity-laced Instagram post, Kevin Nash made it clear that he was not a Trump supporter, and was in fact a democrat. He also clarified that the shirt was meant as a warning to Hillary Clinton and not as an endorsement for the now president-elect Trump.

Nash also shared an Instagram post, which can be seen below, to express his disappointment at the results of the recent presidential election.

Nash’s other post showed a photo of his May Tweet, and with a very long caption.

“To the low IQ group. The tweet was, wore this for a response. Never did I say I backed, endorsed or gave a f**k about the candidate,” opened his post. “This was a warning not an endorsement. I’ve voted Democratic in all elections except my first, which I voted for Reagan. I wasn’t feeling Trump. It’s one vote f**k you if it’s not your choice.”

The entire post of Kevin Nash can be seen below.

So now that’s all clear, let’s go back to wrestling.

Photo Courtesy: Mike Kalasnik/ Flickr

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