Kevin Owens defends Intercontinental title in a Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 32

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Photo Courtesy: DaLiamSwag/Professionalwrestling.wikia.com

For weeks heading to Wrestlemania, Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens bragged about not having worthy competitors for his title. Now he gets to prove such claim as he defends his Intercontinental title against not one, but six other combatants in a Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 32, as announced in WWE.com.

During the March 21 editions of Raw, KO has been claiming that there were not enough competitors to challenge him for his title. He said this to draw the ire of Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, and the returning Sami Zayn. All three had issues with the IC champion and were gunning for his title. As the three were arguing in the ring, Owens set up a plan that he thought would help him retain the title beyond Wrestlemania.

Kevin Owens promised all three that he would talk to The Authority about setting up a Triple Threat Match to find his opponent at the Show of Shows. Owens did succeed in convincing a distracted Stephanie to allow him to make the match. However, instead of announcing Zayn, Ziggler, and Miz, the champion introduced Zack Ryder, Sin Cara, and Stardust as the three participants for the Triple Threat Match. The irate Ziggler, Zayn, and Miz then made their way to ringside to confront the champion.

Chaos then ensued as the three angry wrestlers attacked Owens. The commotion spilled over to the ring interrupting the ongoing match between Ryder, Sin Cara, and Stardust. However,  all six fighters became united against the champion who was forced to run for his life.

Realizing that his plan failed, Owens then made his way to The Authority again and still claimed that there were still no worthy competitors who can challenge him at Wrestlemania. Stephanies, who was then occupied with the looming threat of Roman Reigns, disagreed with him and announced that he will now have to defend his title against Ziggler, Zayn, Ryder, Sin Cara, Stardust, and The Miz in a Ladder Match.

Will Owens walk away from Wrestlemania with the Intercontinental Title still in his shoulders or will one of the six challengers climb to their ladder of success?
Photo Courtesy:DaLiamSwag/Professionalwrestling.wikia.com

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