Matt Hardy reveals Broken character to return in WWE

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Matt Hardy
PHOTOGRAPH: Mike Kalasnik | Photo courtesy: Mike Kalasnik/Flickr

Matt Hardy of the Hardy Boyz recently responded to a fan on social media mentioning that his Broken character will return to the World Wrestling Entertainment. The 42-year-old stated in true Broken style that his Broken condition will return to its former glory.

The WWE RAW and SmackDown Live superstars are currently touring Europe. The Hardy Boyz are a prominent part of the RAW setup and hence the wrestling promotion posted a video of Matt and Jeff Hardy on Facebook. This was to hype up a WWE live event in Rome, Italy.

This caused a fan to post a lengthy rant in the comments section of the video. This prompted Matt to respond to the comment.

Matt’s response a hint of Broken gimmick returning to RAW

The fan went on a long rant, which appears to make light of the situation between the Hardy family and Impact Wrestling. He stated that Matt Hardy has betrayed the Seven Deities and although they understand his displeasure with the ‘Impact Owl’ (Impact Wrestling), he should’ve stayed with the ring of honorable wrestling (Ring Of Honor).

The fan also referenced MeekMahon (Vince McMahon), the man with three H’s (Triple H) and the princess with a billion dollars (Stephanie McMahon). Matt reverted back to the fan with the following comment.

The #7Deities have told me that my #BROKEN CONDISHTION will return fully as soon as the OBSOLETE Owl is fully DELETED.

WWE working out a deal with Impact Wrestling

According to reports, the WWE has almost worked out a deal with Impact Wrestling regarding the usage of Matt Hardy’s Broken character. It is expected that they will be getting the gimmick to RAW very soon.

Matt returned to the WWE with his brother Jeff Hardy after a 7-year hiatus from the promotion at Wrestlemania 33 last month. The fans cheered them loudly as they won the Raw Tag Team Titles. It was rumored for weeks that the brothers were planning to return to the company that made them stars, and everyone was wondering if we would be seeing Matt Hardy or Broken Matt Hardy.

The Hardys first introduced their Broken selves on Impact Wrestling where the gimmick got wildly popular last year. Ever since their departure from Impact earlier this year, the promotion’s new owners Anthem and the Hardy family have been embroiled in a legal dispute over the usage rights of the Broken Universe.

It seems that we’ve been getting a mix of both Matt Hardy and Broken Matt Hardy as of late, as Matt throws in the occasional “broken” tease here and there. However, he hasn’t fully embraced the character in WWE yet.

Although the Hardy’s receive a huge pop each time they make their way to the ring in the WWE, watching them go full ‘Broken’ in front of thousands of members of the WWE Universe is an experience that I’m truly looking forward to.

Photo courtesy: Mike Kalasnik/Flickr

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