It’s official : AJ Styles vs Cris Jericho at Wrestlemania 32

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Photo Courtesy:Dean27/ProWrestling Wikia.com

AJ Styles will finally get what he wants after Chris Jericho accepted his challenge for a match at Wrestlemania 32 this coming Sunday.

In an article that appeared in Bleacher Report, the last straw came after Jericho lost to Zack Ryder via roll-up in Monday Night Raw. Styles were at ringside during that match and thanks to his distraction, Ryder was able to roll up Y2J for the pin. That forced Jericho to finally say “yes” to Styles’ challenge for a match at the Show of Shows.

This will be the fourth installment of the rivalry between the two wrestlers. The feud began with Styles winning over Jericho in the Raw after the Royal Rumble where he made his debut. Y2J then evened the score with a win over Styles in Smackdown. AJ Styles then made it 2-1 in WWE Fastlane when he made Jericho submit to the Calf Crusher.

After the third match, the two briefly became partners when they formed Y2AJ and fought The New Day for the WWE tag team title. That partnership, though, was short-lived as Y2AJ lost to the champions and Jericho turned on Styles after the match.

Since then, Jericho showed his dissatisfaction to the WWE Universe for chanting the name of Styles rather than his. He then panted with the crowd and chanted the name of Styles in a mocking fashion. In the March 21 episode of Raw, Jericho caused much of a distraction to Styles causing him to lose in that match against Kevin Owens.

In this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Y2J grabbed a microphone and promised that he will make Wrestlemania 32 the worst night in AJ Styles’ career before throwing the mic and leaving the ring.

Chris Jericho will be appearing in his 12th Wrestlemania while it will be the first for AJ Styles. What happens with the feud beyond Wrestlemania still remains to be seen.

Photo Courtesy:Dean27/ProWrestling Wikia.com

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