Orton not on Wrestlemania 32 but may return sooner than expected

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Photo Courtesy: Gregory Davis/Wikipedia.org

The Viper may be back in the WWE sooner than expected.

In an article published in Wrestlezone, it was revealed that Randy Orton may not need neck surgery after all. The surgery would have sidelined him for more than a year. However, he is still on rehab after a shoulder injury which has sidelined him for a long time. However, the former WWE heavyweight champion may still not make it in time for Wrestlemania 32 in April.

The latest news is that Orton may make his return either between mid-March or May. So those who expect him to make an appearance in the Show of Shows may find themselves disappointed. Even if he does recover in time for the pay-per-view, the WWE has revealed that they have no plans for him anyway.

It is hard to imagine a Wrestlemania without Orton on the card. The Viper have a pivotal role in the last two Wrestlemanias. In Wrestlemania 31 last year, he had a big match with Seth Rollins and in Wrestemania 30 he was involved in a Triple Threat match with Batista and Daniel Bryan.

The WWE has been suffering much with the absence of superstars like John Cena, Seth Rollins, and Randy Orton. Wrestlemania would have been another sellout if these stars return. If Orton did return and make it to Wrestlemania, he would have figured in a match with one of the members of the League of Nations or even Bray Wyatt.

Randy Orton may not be appearing in Wrestlemania 32 but there will be much excitement and anticipation when his music hits on his return.

Photo Courtesy: Gregory Davis/Wikipedia.org

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