Raven on The Undertaker: ‘At 6-foot-10, he was relegated to the monster’

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Scott Levy, who is better known by his in-ring name Raven has recently revealed in an interview that The Undertaker was relegated to be a monster because of his towering feature. The Deadman was made to feature in creature feature matches throughout the early part of his pro-wrestling career.

Raven explained that The Undertaker would have been World Champion a lot longer if he was a few inches shorter. The former ECW and WCW champion believes that the 52-year-old apparently didn’t get to show off his talents until later in his career.

“If he had been six inches shorter, he would have been the perennial world champion. But at 6-foot-10, he was relegated to the monster, ‘Creature Feature’ matches,” Raven said to Sports Illustrated.

“It wasn’t until near the end of his career when he finally started being able to show that he could actually work. But, by then, he wasn’t anywhere near the worker he was ten years before that. He was amazing,”

Raven agrees with Bret Hart

Recently, WWE legend Bret Hart revealed a story about The Undertaker’s role in the locker room after The Hitman left the wrestling promotion. Hart had allegedly written Taker a letter asking him to take over his spot as the leader of the dressing room. Raven backed up what the wrestling legend said.

“He was the locker room leader. I was loud, I was obnoxious, so I wasn’t his cup of tea, but we got along. There was no enmity. He was every bit the locker room leader everybody says, he was the authority,” Raven added.

Undertaker’s future in-ring return

The Undertaker will probably not be seen in the ring for a while after WrestleMania 33. After his match against Roman Reigns at ‘Mania 33, he symbolically took off his gloves, hat and coat and left them in the middle of the ring. He then disappeared into the floor of the stadium. Although the WWE never gave an official statement, fans and critics accepted this as Taker’s retirement.

WWE most likely wants to keep the possibility of an Undertaker return open by not announcing his retirement officially. However, if The Undertaker does get a second retirement match, it should definitely be against a legend of his stature.

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