Ric Flair reveals the origin of famous ‘Wooo!’ battle-call

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Charlotte and Ric Flair (Photo Courtesy: WWE/YouTube)

‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair revealed the secret origin of his famous battle-call ‘Wooo!’ at a recent appearance at the Indianapolis 500. The WWE legend revealed the secret source from which he derived his legendary one-word battle-call ‘Wooo!’.

In a recent interview with WISH-TV 8 at the Indianapolis 500 event, Flair spoke about the famous catchphrase being derived from a Jerry Lewis song in 1974.

Flair reveals the origin behind ‘Wooo!’

Flair recently attended his first Indianapolis 500 this weekend. On the occasion of the high-profile racing event, the 68-year old chose to reveal the secret of his famous line’s origin. Here’s Flair’s statement regarding the same-

“I heard Jerry Lewis say it (Wooo!) in a song in 1974 and I’ve never stopped since.”

Additionally, several fans of the WWE icon were noticeably present at the event, with most fans repeating the Wooo! Chants after Flair mouthed them upon request.

Flair’s rise to superstardom from a plane crash

Ric Flair was involved in a serious plane crash on October 4th, 1975. It was an incident that forced him to change his initial power-brawling style owing to back injuries sustained in the accident.

Nevertheless, he went on to adopt ‘The Nature Boy’ gimmick and popularized the Wooo! catchphrase along with a more toned-down, technical style of wrestling.

Ric Flair is presently signed to the WWE under a Legends contract. He last made a prominent appearance in the WWE as the manager of his daughter and former 4-time RAW Women’s champion Charlotte Flair.

Ric Flair is one of the most creative performers in the history of our sport. It goes without saying that very few human beings could’ve re-invented themselves after a terrible accident like he went through back in 1975.

There is only one Nature Boy, and in the words of the man himself- To be the man, you gotta beat the man!- Nobody’s ever beating you, Ric!

Photo Courtesy: WWE/YouTube

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