Roman Reigns Heel Turn: ‘The Guy’ talks about possibility of turning into ‘The Bad Guy’

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Roman Reigns (Photo Courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr)

Many fans have called for a Roman Reigns heel turn since last year. However, the WWE has failed to make it happen and they continue to push Reigns. In a recent interview, “The Guy” talked about the possibility of turning heel.

“The Guy” talks if Roman Reigns heel turn is possible

In a recent appearance on the Cheap Heat podcast of ESPN, Roman Reigns talked about a variety of things including the possibility of turning heel. He told the hosts that he prefers getting mixed reactions rather than a loud chorus of boos.

“The one thing I like about my situation and if I think I were to commit to one, ‘I’m a bad guy now – I’m pissed and I’m going to try to take everybody out’ then it’s only one, like, ‘boo’. Do you know what I mean?” Reigns said, via Wrestling Inc.

“But when I’m out there, there’s all kinds of noise. There are all kinds of chants. It’s pandemonium, man. That’s how I like it,” he added.

To be fair to Reigns, he has improved over the last year and the hate he gets is just a shot to the WWE creative for booking him terribly. Nevertheless, he is the most polarizing figure in the company at the moment and it’s a good thing.

Will Roman Reigns win the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble?

Roman Reigns will face Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Universal Championship. Chris Jericho won’t be able to cause interference because he is locked in a Shark Cage atop the ring. It will be a one-on-one affair between Reigns and Owens.

According to Cageside Seats, Reigns is penciled in to win the Universal title at some point. However, the report pointed out that it might not happen at the Royal Rumble which means Owens could end up retaining the championship.

Photo Courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr

Video Courtesy: WWE/YouTube

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