Roman Reigns could miss WWE Payback 2017 due to serious injuries; Braun Strowman went too far?

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Roman Reigns
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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Roman Reigns was brutally attacked by Braun Strowman on Monday Night RAW. This was following an interview segment with Michael Cole. The 31-year-old reportedly suffered injuries to his ribs and shoulders because of the beatdown.

“Roman Reigns was brutally ambushed by Braun Strowman on Raw Monday night, resulting in cracked ribs, internal injuries and a possible separated shoulder. After The Monster Among Men’s initial attack, which culminated in Reigns being thrown off a loading dock while strapped to a gurney, The Big Dog was loaded into an ambulance by EMTs,” WWE reported on its official website.

“However, Strowman reappeared and continued the brutality by tipping over the emergency vehicle with The Big Dog still inside it. Reigns was then rushed to a local medical facility in a second ambulance for evaluation.”

Reigns expected to be off WWE television for a while

Recovery time for any injury of the sort is around four weeks. Hence it looks unlikely that Reigns will be back in the next episodes of Monday Night RAW.

WWE pay-per-view Payback is slated for April 30, 2017. Given the wrestling promotions latest update on the superstar, it seems doubtful that the Reigns will return before his match against Strowman.

It is being reported that Roman’s injury is kayfabe. The WWE is using this injury angle to let the post-WrestleMania 33 hatred for Reigns cool off. After Reigns retired The Undertaker at WrestleMania, he returned to Raw the following night. The superstar received one of the most overwhelmingly negative reactions of any wrestler in history. The crowd chanted expletives at him and booing every time he looked like he was about to speak, as reported by Heavy.

Reigns not turning heel anytime soon

It was being predicted earlier that the WWE was going to intentionally steer into the hatred from the fans and turn Reigns heel. However, it doesn’t look like the superstar is going to turn anytime soon. The company wants the audience to root for the Big Dog. They want the crowd to cheer for Reigns in his feud against a terrifying monster. It has to be noted that Strowman spent five continuous minutes in beating Reigns to death.

However, the audience on Long Island this week was not having it, cheering on Braun Strowman as he destroyed Roman Reigns, chanting things like “Thank you Strowman” and “You deserve it,” with the latter chant being directed towards Roman Reigns.

This is certainly not the way WWE assumed the audience to react on the situation. The commentators on the night tried to talk about the segment in a somber manner and said that whatever happened was very unfortunate.

Photo courtesy: EmSee1223/Wikimedia

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