Steve Austin reveals his thoughts on A.J. Styles, Roman Reigns & who should be WWE champion

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Stone Cold Steve Austin (Photo Courtesy: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time and many fans want to know his thoughts about the current product. In a recent interview, Austin revealed his reaction on stars such as A.J. Styles, Roman Reigns and who should hold the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

A.J. Styles just carried Roman Reigns to two world class matches back-to-back. The second one wasn’t as good as the first, but it’s hard to top an all-time classic. Reigns carried his end, but that was all AJ,” Austin told Sports Illustrated.

The Texas Rattlesnake added that he thinks the WWE should give Styles a bigger push because he deserves it. Styles will be the next guest on Austin’s podcast live on the WWE Network on June 20. Austin also mentioned in the interview that putting someone like Paul Heyman to be Reigns’ manager won’t work because people know why he’s there.

“Paul Heyman works with Brock. The magic works between Brock and Paul because of their dynamic and their chemistry. If you put him with Roman Reigns, people will know that Paul E.’s the band-aid,” he said.

The WWE has been pushing Reigns as the top babyface but it has not worked to perfections since most fans have rejected him. He also lacks the mic skills that will put him over the top but it’s also the WWE fault for not giving Reigns the freedom to be his own character.

Roman Reigns will be defending his WWE championship at Money in the Bank against Seth Rollins. On the other hand, Austin was asked on who should have a run at the WWE title and he answered Kevin Owens.

“I think they’ve got to give Kevin Owens a run with the belt. He’s a veteran and he’s really clicking on the mic, and the kid is super talented. Give him a f****** run. I don’t know why you wouldn’t give the guy the opportunity, he’s just too good,” Austin said.

Owens has the chance to win his first world title if he wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match this Sunday. As mentioned in a previous report, KO recently won over Vince McMahon’s trust and he is the favorite to win the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Photo Courtesy: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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