Sting officially retires as a WWE superstar: ’Time to put my boots in the middle of the ring’

Sting formally announced his retirement from wrestling after his induction into teh WWE Hall of Fame

Sting, whose real name is Steve Borden Jr., marked another milestone in his career as he officially retires as a WWE superstar after being inducted to the Hall of Fame, Saturday in Dallas.

It was a fitting and emotional moment for the 57-year old who now also resides in Dallas. Sting started his illustrious career in wrestling with the defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

TMZ reported that despite going into retirement, Sting hinted that he will still play an active role in the WWE, but there has been no official word from the company yet if they have ironed things out.

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“On this very night, at this very moment … I’m going to finish my wrestling carer under the WWE umbrella … and I am so proud of that. I am officially going to retire tonight. I just want you to know this isn’t goodbye, it’s just see ya later,” Sting said.

TMZ was the first to break the story in September about his retirement when he suffered a bad neck injury during his “WWE Night of Champions” match against Seth Rollins. After consulting with several doctors, who all agreed that it was very risky for him to return to active wrestling, Sting finally pulled the plug for his career.

WWE’s Tom Phillips was able to interview Sting and the Hall of Famer stated that it was an awesome and great night for him as he retires surrounded by his family, close friends and his fans.

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“It’s something that I battled all the way up until to the last minute pretty much. As to whether I was to retire, it just make sense right now…I do not want to but every wrestler wants one more match…one more match…Although I believe that whole heartedly I could do it, but I think it’s time for me to put my boots in the middle of the ring,” Sting added.

Sting wanted to have one dream match against The Undertaker to complete his retirement plan, but the WWE and medical record shows that it wasn’t going to happen.

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