Tajiri officially declares retirement from WWE

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Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri recently took to Twitter and stated that he is officially done with the WWE. Moreover, he added that his contract with the company officially ended on Sunday.

Tajiri officially confirmed on Twitter that he will not be returning to WWE programming as his deal with the company ended on Sunday. Interestingly, he has already left the US and returned to Japan.

Tajiri’s time in WWE

Tajiri made his WWE debut in 2001 as William Regal’s goofy ally. Thereafter, he feuded with the likes of Billy Kidman, Jamie Noble and Rey Mysterio, establishing himself as an integral part of the Cruiserweight division.

In 2005, after being with the WWE for four years, Tajiri left the company and joined the Japanese promotion HUSTLE. In the years that followed, he found reasonable success in Japan.

Last year, he returned to the WWE and participated in the CWC tournament which was ultimately won by TJ Perkins. This January, the ‘ Japanese Buzzsaw’ made his 205 Live debut, and defeated Sean Maluta with ease.

Following this, he spat his iconic green mist onto Brian Kendrick’s face, teasing a feud with him. However, the feud never took place as Tajiri injured his knee during an NXT taping. Last month, he announced that he would not be returning to in-ring competition as the WWE did not want to use him because of his age.

Tajiri to continue wrestling in Japan

Tajiri is unlikely to wrestle for the WWE again. However, the 46-year-old could still continue being an in-ring performer in Japan.

During his recent run with the WWE, Tajiri proved that he can still put on decent matches. However, that said and done, he definitely is at the end of his career. As such, we really can’t blame the WWE for being reluctant to use him.

Photo courtesy: Andrew Quentin/Flickr

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