TNA Wrestling Chairman Dixie Carter speaks with talents about changes and Anthem deal

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TNA Wrestling
TNA Wrestling

In recent weeks, TNA Wrestling was undergoing tumultuous times with the wrestling company announcing that they were almost on the verge of filing for bankruptcy given its waning fan-base and weak ratings.

Rumors of a WWE buyout had even surfaced to hopefully keep the failing wrestling company from totally closing and losing all its assets. In an attempt to save the company, creditor Billy Corgan stepped in and became president of TNA Wrestling’s parent company Impact Ventures, only to step down a mere three months later after financial disputes with TNA chairman Dixie Carter and other members of the board of managers.

Meanwhile, TNA Wrestling was seemingly saved when Anthem Sports & Entertainment came into the picture by providing TNA with much needed capital and resources. With the major move, Carter is hoping that her wrestling company will see a renewed surge in fans and ratings.

Before moving on with the plans of both TNA Wrestling and Anthem, though, Carter called for a company-wide conference call with all her talents and staff to discuss the plans of TNA, as well as to formally announce the formal involvement of Anthem in their business.

Part of her call included the introduction of Anthem’s Eric Nordholm who has since become a member of the Board of Managers of the wrestling company. Carter also confirmed the departure of David Lagana and Billy Corgan from the company, and are now looking to hire more creative writer to help out John Gaburick, Matt Conway and Madison Rayne.

Nordholm, who spoke to the talents during the call, was reportedly all praise for the TNA wrestlers and promised that the partnership is a “great opportunity for both The Fight Network and TNA.”

Dixie Carter was all praises for Anthem during the call and emphasized how the help and resources that they have extended will be key to take TNA Wrestling to the next level.

Photo Courtesy: Mike Kalasnik/ Flickr

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