Undertaker defeats Shane McMahon in Hell in a Cell

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Photo Courtesy: Barrymk200/Prowrestling-wikia.com

The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania legacy lives on.

With his appearance in future Wrestlemanias on the line, The Undertaker extended his winning streak to 23-1 with a win over Shane McMahon in a “Hell in a Cell” match at Wrestlemania 32.

A lot was at stake for the match the stipulations set forth by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon which made the match even more intense.

As reported by Hollywood Life, Shane came to Wrestlemania as a man on a mission wanting to regain his place in the company. A victory would have given him control of Monday Night Raw. But it was not meant to be as Taker did not want Wrestlemania 32 to be his last. From the onset, the match was a test of the two participant’s pain threshold. Shane used every weapon he can, to put Undertaker down. He even used clippers at one point to cut the cell down. Taker delivered the Last Ride, but Shane kicks out at 2. He also used the ring steps to wear down Shane, but the latter’s resolve kept him in the fight.

The younger McMahon tried to use speed to his advantage. He goes to the top of the ring and leaps across the ring kicking the trash can into Taker’s chest with a coast to coast move. He goes for the cover and gets a 2 count. Taker, on the other hand, uses his strength to wear Shane down. He slams Shane to the cell panel, throws him to the announce table, hits him with a boot to the head, and nails him with a monitor twice sending him ribs first into the steel barrier. Taker tries to connect with the Tombstone, but Shane applies a sleeper hold.

Shane then crawls over and gets a toolbox and use it on the face of The Undertaker. Then, he climbs to the top of the cell, but crashed to the announcer’s table as Taker moved away.

The end was near for Shane as Taker scooped him up for a Tombstone that connected for the pin and the win.

Photo Courtesy: Barrymk200/Prowrestling-wikia.com

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