Wrestlemania 32 Update: Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles gaining steam

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Kevin Owens might have already dropped a big hint on which WWE superstar he will be feuding for the next several weeks before they settle their score at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas, Texas.

After defending his Intercontinental championship with a victory over Dolph Ziggler at Fastlane, Owens sent a warning to Styles on Twitter, telling him not to come any closer to his belt or else he will shut him down like what he did at Royal Rumble 2016.

Owens has a history of trolling people on social media. On the other hand, he might be already sowing the seeds for an intriguing confrontation between him and Styles at Wrestlemania.

Style, who’s no stranger to collecting belts during his time with TNA and in Japan, made his WWE debut as the no.3 participant at Royal Rumble. He quickly made an impression as he eliminated Curtis Axel and then Tyler Breeze with some help from Roman Reigns. However, his amazing run came to an end, no thanks to Owens.

No other than WhatCulture WWE editor Grahame Herbert think this match-up involving Owens and Styles has the potential to exceed expectations and even steal the thunder from the three huge main events already announced last Monday on Raw.


“If given a decent amount of time, Owens and Styles could steal the show at Mania. With twenty minutes they’d almost certainly have the match of the night. However, with Mania always a tight production, and perhaps with backstage politics being a factor, it wouldn’t be that surprising if they ended up with less than ten minutes at Mania.”

Owens, in his second reign as an Intercontinental champion, has been on a roll the past few weeks, while Styles is coming off a significant victory over WWE mainstay Chris Jericho in their third confrontation at Fastlane.

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