WWE Brand Split 2016: John Cena to SmackDown; Roman Reigns to stay on RAW

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Roman Reigns vs. John Cena (Photo Courtesy: WWE Storylines/YouTube)

One of the most debatable decision of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) happened this week when the company decided to split its two mainstream shows RAW and SmackDown into two separate entities. Since the declaration, the WWE universe has gone wild with speculations and theories regarding the possible destinations of the big-name superstars.

According to latest sources, it is being stated that the top baby face of the company, John Cena will be heading to SmackDown. The company wants to increase the ratings of the show and also give the baton to Cena to push new generation superstars. Having Cena in SmackDown will again make him the top talent there, the honor which the Cenation leader had to give up to Roman Reigns, as reported by LordsofPain.

Roman Reigns will be the face of Monday Night RAW and the company is willing to put their faith on the 31-year-old to pull in the ratings. This will provide an opportunity for the superstar to gain some positive steam, considering the intense negative heat he has received from the crowd.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that both the McMahon children will be running RAW and SmackDown each. Stephanie McMahon will be given the hold of RAW while her brother Shane will take the mantle of the other show. It has to be noted that SmackDown will begin its new era of live broadcast and the company is trusting Shane to guide it ahead.

Meanwhile, the brad split will also open the possibility of having two World Championships, each for RAW and SmackDown. However, if rumors are to be believed, then the Woman’s Championship will be defended on both the shows.

Regarding part-time wrestlers like Brock Lesnar and The Rock, WWE is yet to decide on how to use them. However, rumors suggest that Lesnar won’t have the free reigns to go wherever he wants and will most likely be assigned to RAW.

Photo Courtesy: WWE Storylines/YouTube

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