WWE confirms WrestleMania 32 superstars for Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale

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Photo courtesy: Miguel Discart/Wikipedia.org

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Wrestlemania 30 started a new trend in the form of Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale. The match pits 31 superstars against each other in an over the top rope match where the winning superstar receives a massive trophy which features a model of Andre the Giant. The match will also be a special attraction at WrestleMania 32.

Instead of 30 superstars as was seen in the last year’s version of the Grand Daddy of Them All, this year’s bout will feature 20 WWE wrestlers. The match will be the main attraction in the company’s pre-show before the main gala event, according to sportskeeda.com.

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Amongst the 20 superstars to take part in the match, WWE has released the names of 4 superstars who are confirmed to take part. Curtis Axel, Heath Slater, Bo Dallas and Adam Rose, the 4 wrestlers who are part of the Social Outcasts faction are the only names declared till now.

The match will be telecasted by USA Network in its Kick off pre-show segment and would start at 6pm EST. The show however is slated to begin at around 5pm EST thus raising doubts over what the other hour of the two-hour show will feature?

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If one goes by past experiences, then the first hour of the show will basically feature the run-down of all the matches set to take place on the main card of the event. It may also feature interviews of WWE legends regarding their possible prediction of the upcoming bouts.

The WrestleMania 32 card have been average to impressive with many hoping that the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin will be declared to take part in the event. The Rock has stated of attending the event, however no possible news of how he will feature has been declared yet.

In terms of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Texas is his home state and will likely feature in one of the segments during the show.

Photo courtesy: Miguel Discart/Wikipedia.org

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