WWE evolving character of Titus O’Neil, championship plans and more

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World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Titus O’Neil is currently serving suspension from the company for holding owner Vince McMahon’s arm during an episode of “Monday Night Raw”.

Despite being furious with the company, O’Neil has been the opposite and have been spending his time helping others around him.

The 38-year-old former Arena Football League (AFL) player has revealed his desire to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at least once in his career. He has also revealed his wish of retiring from the sport once his contract with the company is over.

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“Anytime you’re labeled a champion you’re considered one of the best. I came here to be the best, and compete with the best.” Titus O’Neil said to Rapzilla.

The man from Boynton Beach, Florida has also wished to help WWE with outside the ring opportunities by building communications with people who need it. He went on to state that he doesn’t see his time within the company as a failure considering his previous tag team championship run along with being one of the greatest ambassadors of the company.

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Titus O’Neil also hopes that the company provides him with a platform to tell his own story in front of the world. He could carry on the performance both as a heel or a baby face.

“I do have a past, and a legitimate story to tell, and if they wanted to tell it on television to justify and situation whether heel or baby face, I look forward to displaying those things more on a consistent basis.” O’Neil added.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion revealed that he has no bitter feelings against his employers for suspending him. O’Neil believes that the suspension was the result of his own action and he has to deal with it. Although he was quick to note of his professional behavior in the locker room and also praised the company for not leaking the story of his suspension first.

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