WWE Five Best Feuds of 2016 featuring A.J. Styles vs. John Cena

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John Cena vs. A.J. Styles (Photo Courtesy: WWE.com)

The WWE produced some of the best rivalries it has seen in the past several years headlined by A.J. Styles vs. John Cena. Here is SportsRageous’ list of the five best feuds of 2016.

5. Cesaro vs. Sheamus

The duo of Cesaro and Sheamus are the current Raw tag team champions. They ended The New Day’s historic reign at Roadblock: End of the Line. However, Cesaro and Sheamus were involved in a long feud this year.

Cesaro and Sheamus battled in a number of matches before Mick Foley put them in Best of 7 Series. Sheamus was up 3-0 but Cesaro battled back to force Match No. 7. It ended in a draw but it paved the way for the two superstars to become the new Raw tag team champs.

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4. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

The rivalry between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn on the main roster was just a continuation of what happened in NXT. The two former best friends put up amazing matches every time they were up against each other.

It all ended when Zayn defeated Owens in an incredible match at WWE Battleground. The only thing that kept this feud from ranking higher was the lack of promos to keep the story more interesting. The mic work of Owens would have made this a moneymaker.

3. The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

2016 has been the year of The Miz’s return to the spotlight. He has become the best heel in the WWE and his feud with Dolph Ziggler over the Intercontinental championship was one of the best of the year. It was full of passion as the fans got emotionally invested in it.

The involvement of Maryse was perfect to the story. Ziggler overcoming the odds was great to watch but it ended in an instant as the WWE decided to put the IC title back to The Miz. Nevertheless, the two rivals were punctuated by an amazing Ladder Match at WWE TLC.

2. A.J. Styles vs. John Cena

A dream match of many finally happened this year. A.J. Styles faced off against John Cena in a feud for the ages. Styles started it off with one of the best heel turns of the year as he beat up Cena with the help of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

This could have been the best feud of the year but it’s not yet finished. Styles is up 2-0 on Cena but expect the two to continue the story next year. The highlight of the rivalry was their five-star match at WWE SummerSlam.

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1. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Women’s wrestling has finally arrived and it is here to stay. Sasha Banks and Charlotte have had the best feud of the year. It was a case of who is the better wrestler as they played hot potato with the Raw women’s championship.

Many would think that it devalued the title but it did not. The two made history as they became the first women to main event a pay-per-view and wrestle in a Hell in a Cell Match. All of their matches on Raw and on PPVs were a must-see.

Photo Courtesy: WWE.com

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