WWE has huge plans for Shinsuke Nakamura; Pay-Per-View headlines being considered

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a platform where great wrestlers from all over the world showcase their talents to rise to supremacy. However, if the company’s history is to be taken into account, then one would notice that the wrestling promotion has not been kind to foreign superstars. It is over here that Shinsuke Nakamura may break the tradition.

Nakamura follows the tradition of a long list of Japanese wrestlers who has already tried their luck in WWE. The company’s treatment of those superstars, however, could come into question. Jinsei Shinzaki (Hikushi), Ultimo Dragon and Genichiro Tenryu were world-class talents but have underused and failed to make good impressions under the WWE banner, according to UPROXX.

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Most of the foreign superstars WWE hires fall under a few specific criteria – ie. A foreigner can’t cut a promo, he or she is unable to sell out a building and lacks proper charisma. Hence, most of these superstars are not properly pushed to reach the pinnacle by the creative team.

Shinshuke Nakamura, however, is a different breed altogether. With a very good physique and a unique charisma, the 36-year-old stands out from the rest and has all the features WWE needs a world champion.

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The man from Mineyama, Kyoto, Japan is a high-caliber athlete with boatloads of panache. Any wrestler who owns these two features generally makes the top card within WWE. The only negative feature that Nakamura has his inability to cut a fantastic promo. However, there are superstars who have gone on to reach legendary status without having the necessity to use the stick very often.

Superstars like The Undertaker, Yokozuna or most recently Brock Lesnar are not very good on the mic. However, they have constantly sold out arenas and headlined pay-per-views with their sheer in-ring talent and loads of charisma. Nakamura could follow the same footsteps and make his way towards the top of the table.

WWE has an immense talent in Shinsuke Nakamura. With proper creative booking and characterization, the Japanese could have a great and successful career with the company. If sources are to be believed, then Nakamura is already being tagged as the next world champion. However, it is not sure about when that will happen.

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