WWE News: Alberto Del Rio dead after knife attack: Reports indicate ex-WWE star attacked outside restaurant

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Alberto Del Rio stabbed
Alberto Del Rio stabbed

Former WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio failed was again in wrestling headlines when he failed to attend his supposed match for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) last Sunday. Those questions were quelled (and Del Rio made headlines again) when news about a stabbing incident involving the wrestler made waves online.

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Fortunately, Del Rio emerged alive and well, though scarred, both physically and psychologically, from what looked to be a vicious attack by the perpetrator. Alberto Del Rio even shared a photo on Instagram to show his wounds.


According to Del Rio’s statement, which was also shared in all of his social media accounts, he had been eating in a restaurant before his flight, and while stepping out from the establishment, a man wielding a knife assaulted the ex-WWE champion.

“Mr. Rodriguez (“Alberto El Patron”) shortly after eating a meal before his flight was assaulted by a criminal with a knife outside the restaurant. Mr. Rodriguez suffered multiple lacerations on his arm and other parts of his body defending against the criminal as Police were called by witnesses,” shared Del Rio’s statement. “Mr. Rodriguez received medical attention and went back to the Police Department and was unable to make his flight.”

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AAA announced Alberto Del Rio as no-show

Before his statement, AAA had simply stated that El Patron was a no-show for his supposed tag team match with Psycho Clown against Dr. Wagner Jr. and Pagano. But after releasing his statement, the wrestling company responded with their own message for fans and Del Rio.

“Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide has been officially notified of the incident. The victim was Alberto “El Patron,” and why he could not be present during the function of Heroes Immortals X, held yesterday in the city of Monterrey, N.L.,” said AAA’s statement, translated from Spanish. “We wish him a speedy recovery and hope that he will soon be back in the ring to continue his successful career as one of the leading Mexican and international fighters.”

Thankfully, Alberto Del Rio sounds and looks okay, even okay enough to “not miss any of his shows for the remainder of the year.”

Photo Courtesy: Miguel Discart/ Flickr

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