WWE News: Baron Corbin destroys indie wrestler on Twitter

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PHOTOGRAPH: Miguel Discart | Photo courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr

One of the reasons Baron Corbin is doing as well as he is these days is that he seems pretty committed to his gimmick. A “lone wolf” type generally doesn’t get along with anyone – in or out of the ring. He even carries this over to Twitter, where he has no problem ripping into anyone who wants to step up to him – even wrestlers in other companies.

Baron Corbin stays in character on Twitter

Corbin has never had an issue with issuing some End Of Days-level burns to fellow Tweeters who think they can get one over on him. Like the exchange with this poor soul who is probably still recovering…

CZW wrestler and “actor based out of the [New Jersey] area” Geoffrey Bravo decided to take an unprovoked Twitter swipe at the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner of 2016 and posted this yesterday:

Let’s just say Corbin was ready to fight fire with napalm…

This was followed by a somewhat weaksauce response from Bravo, followed by an obvious white flag…

Baron Corbin has moved on from spat

Chances are, Corbin has probably already forgotten about the whole exchange and has moved on.

This “Wrestler X responds to Wrestler Y on Twitter” stories may not seem like much… and they’re not. But, they’re fun. And, while Corbin wasn’t exactly complimentary to Bravo, he gave the indie wrestler a bit more exposure just by responding to him – both on Twitter and via sites like ours.

Photo courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr

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