WWE News: Jeff Hardy retires signature move from his arsenal

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PHOTOGRAPH: Gordon Woolley | Photo courtesy: Gordon Woolley/Flickr

Jeff Hardy has built his World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) career out of pulling off risk taking moves. The moves could end a wrestler’s career with one wrong turn. At WrestleMania 33, when he and his brother Matt made their WWE return, Jeff pulled off a Swanton Bomb from the top of a ladder through a table at the age of 39.

However, on a recent edition of The Art of Wrestling podcast, Jeff Hardy revealed one move that he doesn’t intend to use anymore in the WWE. The Charismatic Enigma stated that he won’t be using the 450-Splash anymore. The Swanton Bomb – one of his most famous signature moves – will indeed remain in his arsenal.

The Swanton Bomb involves Jeff launching himself into the air and doing a 180-degree flip and landing back first on an opponent. However, both the shooting star press and the Jeff Hardy-signature 450 splash involve rotating the body like a corkscrew before landing on an opponent.

“I stopped doing the 450 because I over-rotated and jacked my shoulder up. I thought I broke my collarbone or something. But, those days are over, so I’ll stick with the Swanton (Bomb),” Jeff Hardy said.

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy returned to the WWE at WrestleMania 33, after a near-7-year hiatus from the wrestling promotion. The Hardy Boyz won the RAW tag team titles at ‘Mania. They successfully defended their straps against Sheamus and Cesaro at the recent pay-per-view (PPV) WWE Payback.

Jeff Hardy on he and Matt saved Impact Wrestling

The Nefarious Brother Nero stressed on how much he will do to please the fans and entertain the crowd. Jeff mentioned how he and Matt Hardy battled in the Final Deletion match on TNA Impact Wrestling and how they did it all to help the company.

Final Deletion was a turning point for TNA Impact Wrestling and might have saved the company. It was so successful that Matt Hardy and Impact Wrestling’s new ownership company Anthem Sports are involved in a legal case surrounding who owns the rights to the Broken Matt Hardy character and storyline.

Jeff revealed that the Final Deletion match between Matt and himself was produced by his family. There were only four people along with one cameraman who undertook the filming and execution of the entire segment. The 39-year-old added that the Volcano which Matt would eventually go on to use to defeat him, actually cost about $3,000. It was the Hardys and not Impact Wrestling who paid for that.

Jeff Hardy right to discard 450-Splash

Jeff Hardy is without a doubt one of the biggest risk-taking, daredevils in the sport of professional wrestling. But, with that being said, his apparent collarbone injury is, for those of who’re unaware, an extremely dangerous proposition to continue high-flying wrestling maneuvers with.

Hence, Jeff is right to have discarded the 450-Splash from his arsenal, since the move requires a lot of additional airtime and mid-air corkscrew motions, which considering his multiple injuries, isn’t advisable, to say the least.

Photo courtesy: Gordon Woolley/Flickr

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