WWE News: Jim Ross says John Cena needs to turn heel for his match against The Undertaker

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The WWE universe is preparing for the return of John Cena from a long hiatus. He is expected to enter a feud with either The Undertaker or A.J. Styles which makes SmackDown Live a must watch show. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has a suggestion on how to make it more interesting.

John Cena returning next week on SmackDown Live

It was announced last week on SmackDown that Cena is returning to television after a two-month hiatus. The date is December 27 and it will be in Chicago, Illinois, which is known for being an anti-Cena city.

The 39-year-old superstar was out due to filming commitments for his reality show for FOX titled “American Grit.” His absence was picked up by A.J. Styles, who carried the brand by showcasing his wrestling abilities to the fullest.

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Heel turn for John Cena coming?

According to Jim Ross on a recent episode of The Ross Report podcast, the WWE needs to turn Cena heel for his feud with The Undertaker. He pointed out that the 51-year-old legend should never have another heel run.

Many fans have been calling for a Cena heel turn for years now. However, the WWE has been reluctant to turn him bad because of its impact on his merchandise sales. Also, Cena has done amazing work for kids and Make-A-Wish foundation over the years.

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Other plans for John Cena

If The Undertaker vs. John Cena match does not happen, there are still some alternate plans for WrestleMania 33. One of them is Cena vs. Styles for the WWE World Championship with Cena winning his 16th world title.

Nevertheless, the WWE has a couple of weeks to finalize the plans for Cena at WrestleMania 33. Whatever it will be, the fans should tune in since it is only a matter time before he decides to go Hollywood full time and leave WWE behind.

Photo Courtesy: LovelyChicYassi/ Flickr

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