WWE News: John Cena finisher wins amateur wrestler Cadet Greco-Roman National Championship [VIDEO]

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Photo courtesy: YouTube.com/FloWrestling

Tyler Curd of Missouri won himself the Cadet Greco-Roman National Championship at 220 pounds by using one of the famous moves of professional wrestling, John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment.

However, he was modest enough not to boast this by following it up with a five-knuckle shuffle. But, it could have been a historic moment in the sport if he did it, as reported by Fox Sports.

Are we looking at the next Kurt Angle in the making? Well, WWE scouts are known to hire talent from various spectrum of the society, so it won’t be surprising to see Tyler Curd walking down the ramp to the squared circle in recent future.

Here is the video of the famous incident.

Video courtesy: YouTube.com/FloWrestling

Photo courtesy: YouTube.com/FloWrestling

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