WWE News: Lana’s new in-ring gear revealed

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PHOTOGRAPH: Sandipan Chakraborty | Photo courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr

For weeks, WWE has teased Lana’s in-ring debut on SmackDown Live and we got the first glimpse of how she will look inside the ring, from some pictures that were posted on the official WWE website. Seemingly, she will be taking over the Emmalina gimmick that was first attempted by Emma.

If you were wondering what Lana will look like, then scroll right down. Caution: some of these images may affect your heart’s normal functioning and the consequences may be severe indeed.

Lana’s new in-ring gear


You may find many other images of Lana in her brand new avatar on the official WWE website.

Lana played the part of Rusev’s valet for many years, adopting a sombre Russian business lady attire, with variations through her storylines. As part of the Superstar Shake-Up, both Rusev and Lana were drafted to SmackDown Live, although it seems like they will both be part of separate storylines.

Lana has teased a glammed up look, with vignettes advertising her big in-ring debut on the blue brand. She will seemingly adopt a hip-hop themed gimmick, when she makes her in-ring SmackDown Live debut, hopefully soon.

Lana and Rusev WWE future as a pair

We expect both Rusev and Lana to make their much awaited SmackDown Live debuts in the weeks to come. Only time will reveal if their pairing will be continued, or whether they become separate characters.

We expect Lana to become a singles competitor, and compete in the SmackDown Live women’s division as well. It will be interesting to see how the WWE Universe accepts her in her ‘dancer’ gimmick.

Lana looks absolutely gorgeous in her brand new gimmick. I’m just curious about whether her wrestling skills can live up to her in-ring gear, through the course of time.

Photo courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr

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