WWE News: New era approaching? John Cena, Linda McMahon speaks

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Photo courtesy: Krystal Bogner/Flickr.com

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been running under the PG-era umbrella in recent times and fans of the older, more adult product have been devoid of the content they were more used to seeing. However, there are rumors floating around that the company is considering changing its approach to a more adult oriented content in recent times to counter the dip in ratings.

WWE superstar John Cena and former CEO Linda McMahon shared their views on the company’s current product. While Cena was more in for cursing and blood, Linda McMahon prefers the current PG product and termed it “pretty much where it is”.

“I’d much rather it be a program geared toward me, whether that’s TV-14 or sometimes even more graphic than that, which is what I like. For one thing, profanity brought fire out of people with personalities that backed the language.” Cena said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

The 39-year-old wrestler was quick to note that Vince McMahon is like his father figure, boss and a friend. Both of their vision is the same and that is to make the company as big as it can be. However, the man from West Newbury, Massachusetts would love to have “blood” back in the product.

Linda McMahon however, is not too keen to transform back into the raw, unfiltered and more adult oriented product WWE was so famous for. The 67-year-old was recently seen in an interview with CBS radio affiliate in Dallas, Texas where she responded to a question regarding the wrestling promotion returning to a PG-13 approach.

“You can’t never say never, but I think the PG audience is really pretty much where it is. I think we push it a little bit sometimes, but we pretty much stay within that environment.” Linda said.

Photo courtesy: Krystal Bogner/Flickr.com

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