WWE News: Randy Orton taken out of Backlash amid concussion concerns; Replaced by Kane in Wyatt match

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Randy Orton injury
Randy Orton injury

It seems as though Randy Orton cannot catch a break. After a major injury in 2015, Orton was once again barred out of WWE Backlash, missing another top-bill event with the wrestling company. According to sources, the wrestler was not medically cleared to enter the ring, despite being expected to face Bray Wyatt.

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Though fake injuries are common in the WWE, Orton’s seems to be legitimate, with sources pointing to a concussion-related concern.

The wrestling company immediately announced that Kane would be subbing for Orton at Backlash, to face Wyatt. Their Tweet can be seen below.

Randy Orton last suffered a major injury when he busted his shoulder in October 2015. He finally made his way back into the ring at SummerSlam 2016 where he faced Brock Lesnar, which could probably be the root of his current injury concern.

“It has not been confirmed exactly what the injury is, although Orton took a legitimate beating from Lesnar’s elbows on the ground, which sliced him up (at SummerSlam),” reported the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Randy Orton still pulls off RKO

As part of the storyline, Wyatt viciously attacked Randy Orton at the Backlash backstage, with the former slamming the latter’s leg in a door.

This led to a match against a mystery opponent, who eventually turned about to be Kane. Kane was then the recipient of a steel chair to the head, courtesy of Wyatt. But Randy Orton made a miraculous recovery (from his leg injury) and proceeded to make quick work of Wyatt with an RKO for a Kane win.

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Orton’s real-life injury concerns still pose a lot of questions for his upcoming rematch with Brock Lesnar on September 24 in Chicago. Will he be healthy enough- would probably be number one query on the list.

WWE fans will just have to wait and see.

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