WWE News: Shaq calls out Big Show, tells Vince McMahon to make the fight happen

Miami Heat center Shaquille O’Neal (L) sits with Philadelphia 76’ers guard Allen Iverson courtside during first half action in the 2005 NBA All – Star Rookie Challenge game in Denver, Colorado, in this file photo taken February 18, 2005. O’Neal and Iverson were named to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2016 on Monday, according the NBA. REUTERS/John Gress/Files

Shaquille O’Neal better known as Shaq seems to be looking for a new career and it is most likely with the WWE. The 44-year old former NBA superstar has been taunting WWE star Big Show for over the years and wants a crack as his fellow giant at Wrestlemania 33.

TMZ caught up with Shaq, who is also calling WWE CEO Vince McMahon to make his fight against the Big Show happen. The two last met during the Andre the Giant Memorial Royal Rumble match, where at first the two wreck carnage against fellow WWE superstars.

But in the end the two were eliminated as the rest of the wrestlers ganged up on them and threw them over the rope.

Video Courtesy: TMZ Sports/Youtube

“I’m coming for you Big Show, you are scared! Tell Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon to make the fight happen. I’m coming for you Big Show, baby!” Shaq said.

On the other hand, Big Show returned the favor when asked about the possibility of having a match either at Monday night Raw, WWE Smackdown or at Wrestlemania 33, which is set for 2017.

Video Courtesy: TMZ Sports/Youtube

“Do I look like I’m scared? I don’t need to go to him, I work here (WWE), he needs to come here and face me. There is always the opportunity to come out and play and Shaq has some followers and to have in the WWE would be a great opportunity for us and his fans to see if he got what it takes to be a wrestler,” Big Show added.

Big Show, known as Paul Donald Wight Jr., talked to Myles in Dubai and stated that for Shaq to be in the WWE decisions will be coming from the higher people, but he would love to work with Shaq. He narrated that the WWE wanted to make a special prior to Wrestlemania and was decided to bring in Shaq. He also stated that things are being ironed out to have them meet in Wrestlemains 33 as well.

“Shaq has been dying to get inside the ring and work stuff with us. He is a good smack talker, he is a good athlete and let’s see what the future holds for both the WWE and Shaq and what will it hold for me and Shaq as well,” Big Show added.

Video Courtesy: Myles/Youtube

Show even told Myles that he and Shaq could get it down in Orlando and maybe have a “I slap you then you take free throw” match. But quickly took back his words and stated that Shaq is a good guy, but Show still wants to slam him down the ring.

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