WWE News: Sting on Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Hall of Fame and life after retirement

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Photo courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr.com

Sting was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Fame ahead of WrestleMania 32. The masked vigilante retired from the sport which gave him mercurial stardom. After spending almost all his career away from the Vince McMahon-owned wrestling promotion, Sting returned only to lose to Triple H at WrestleMania 31.

However, the 57-year-old opened up about his feelings about the loss at the grandest stage of them all. Sting explained that he agreed to the loss against Triple H at WrestleMania 31 and was personally more involved being in the match than its result. He also asked the people not to take anything in the business of professional wrestling personally.

“People took the loss personally, but in this business, you have to learn quick not to take anything personally. For me, it was a memory just being in Levi Stadium in California, my home state, with that crowd there.” Sting said, as reported by Sports Illustrated.

Ric Flair inducted Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame. It seemed justified considering Flair being the only wrestling legend who had an equal reputation with both WWE and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). However, Sting mentioned that he would have been equally honored if Hulk Hogan or Lex Luger would have inducted him.

“It made sense to have Ric do it. But it would have made sense to have Lex Luger do it – we’ve friends for almost thirty years – or even Hulk.” Sting added.

The man from Omaha, Nebraska suffered near paralysis during his match against Seth Rollins on the Night of Champions pay-per-view. However, speaking on his plans, the wrestler wants to keep his options open. He wants to “kick back” and choose to do some events, but traveling much won’t be a part of it.

Sting also mentioned that he will be grateful towards the fans who have supported him throughout his career.

Photo courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr.com

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