WWE News: Tajiri quits wrestling promotion citing age as a factor

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Tajiri announced his departure from the wrestling promotion. The Japanese star posted to Twitter and revealed that he has left the company after a brief return.

The 46-year-old mentioned that his age could become a factor moving forward in professional wrestling. Tajiri’s knee has given him trouble in the last decade.

Tajiri was scheduled to make a WWE return

Tajiri injured his knee during an NXT Taping in January when he was fighting in a tag team match alongside Shinsuke Nakamura against Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe. The Japanese professional wrestler was cleared to return after weeks of recovery. He even featured in a 205 Live taping in February.

However, the Japanese star felt that at his age, his knees were not becoming any stronger and perhaps, it would be best to announce his departure. Tajiri revealed that he had signed a deal with WWE in January but was forced to take time off, according to f4wonline.

Tajiri said that he was cleared to return after suffering a knee injury earlier this year and was coaching at the Performance Center while he waited to come back to television. But, the wrestling promotion decided not to use him with his age being a factor.

The man from Tamana, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan further disclosed that he did not have any regrets. He thanked Triple H and WWE for bestowing the opportunity upon him. At the end of his statement, he thanked the United States of America for the immense support.

Tajiri is yet to decide on his retirement plans

The Japanese professional wrestler mentioned that he would be going back to Japan. However, there is no official word on whether he intends to call time on his professional wrestling career.

Tajiri has endured a long career in which he has worked for many wrestling promotions. Initially, he plied his trade in the independent circuit. He worked for the lesser known promotions until he made his debut in WWE in 2001.

He worked with WWE for the next four years, becoming a three-time Cruiserweight Champion. However, Tajiri left the company because he wanted to become a journalist and spend more time with his family in Japan, as reported by Sportskeeda.

Tajiri went on to make a few sporadic appearances in pay-per-views and some house shows. He also spent a few years in HUSTLE, All Japan Pro Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and TNA among others. Last year, he made his return to the WWE when he was announced as a participant in WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic tournament.

Photo courtesy: Andrew Quentin/Flickr

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