WWE News: TJ Perkins adopts TNA name going forward

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star TJ Perkins has undergone a name change as noticed on the latest episode of Monday Night RAW. He will now be using the name TJP moving forward.

It has to be noted that the 32-year-old used the same name during his time with Total NonStop Action (TNA). An edict from the WWE office came down instructing the announcers to call TJ Perkins by the initials TJP.

Former Cruiserweight Champion Theodore James Perkins was known by his in-ting name TJ Perkins in the WWE. The pro wrestler has been wrestling for nearly 20 years and has also wrestler for TNA under the gimmick the Suicide moniker.

TJP a part of WWE’s common process

The process of shortening the names of WWE Superstars is a very common process. Some of the current WWE Superstars who have undergone the same change include Antonio Cesaro, Big E Langston, and Alexander Rusev.

The RAW announcers mentioned the name TJP several times during the broadcast and the name TJ Perkins was never used. The TitanTron featuring the wrestler’s entry video was updated this week as well.

The match photos and videos on the WWE website also have TJP mentioned. This confirms the name change by the wrestling promotion. For what it’s worth, TJP is the heel name used by Perkins during his time in Evolve.

TJP has recently turned heel after his attack on Austin Aries a couple weeks back. He is currently aligned with current WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville. With Neville intentionally getting disqualified in the title match at Payback against Aries, one can expect the feud with these three to continue.

The reason behind TJ Perkins’ name change is unknown. However, it is believed that Vice McMahon likes to shorten names when he considers the reception of fans since many superstars doesn’t have shortened names.

Alliance between TJP and Neville could break

Ever since forming an allegiance with WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville, TJP has adopted a more aggressive style in the ring, and it has certainly earned the respect of The King of the Cruiserweights. However, Austin Aries defeated Neville by disqualification at WWE Payback, the champion retained the title, and new challengers are eager for an opportunity, including TJP.

On Raw, The Duke of Dab seemed put off by the way The King of the Cruiserweights escaped WWE Payback with his championship reign intact. However, TJP also made it clear that he wants an opportunity to reclaim the title.

Although he was defeated by A-Double on Raw, TJP took Neville’s advice and made the most of the encounter, attacking Aries after the match. Is the budding rivalry between The King of the Cruiserweights and The Duke of Dab based on mutual respect, or is their allegiance about to shatter?

Photo courtesy: WWE.com/Wikimedia

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