WWE: Was it a poor choice to pit John Cena against AJ Styles in Money in the Bank?

John Cena gets his acid test when he takes on AJ Styles, who considered as the WWE’s Phenomenal One, in this summer’s Money in the Bank Match.

Recovering from a rotator cuff surgery to his right shoulder, John Cena gets his acid test when he takes on AJ Styles, who considered as the WWE’s Phenomenal One, in this summer’s Money in the Bank Match. The “dream match” came early as AJ Styles confronted and attacked him together with the Bullet Club further fuelling the feud between the two and Cena cannot wait for payback time.

But many are asking, is it the right feud to the hype? Looks like the WWE is losing viewership that they have to speed up the hype and pit Cena, who is coming off a surgery in January to repair a torn rotator cuff and remove loose tissue from the shoulder, against an also “aging” AJ Styles. However, thanks to a tireless rehabilitation period, became cleared for action in record time, Cena finally made his return to the active roster last May 30 and was welcome with a bang from Styles with the help of BC.

But Forbes reports that both wrestling entertainment superstars could not claim that they are the future of the industry as both of them are already in the twilight of their careers. Both Cena and Styles are 39 years old and as boldly as they claim as wrestling’s “New Era,” Alfred Konuwa could not agree with the statement.

“John Cena is currently embroiled in an entertaining feud with AJ Styles, but the fact that WWE is recycling The Bullet Club for this angle is troubling. On top of that, Styles turns 39 on June 2, and Cena is already 39. John Cena boldly claimed the future of ‘The New Era’ will have to go through him. Is anyone involved with this feud can truly be considered ‘the future?’ Konuwa stated.

But others would disagree as Josh Isenberg told Wrestlezone that the John Cena-AJ Styles hype was played out right as the WWE pitted two of their most electrifying stars who gives out everything to satisfy their fans.

“AJ Styles not just attacking Cena and leaving, but comes back and attacks him, leaves, comes back again. I think it was planned out perfectly. These are heel tactics to get someone over on John Cena. I had a slight inclination this might happen when you had both of these guys because their story doesn’t need to be respect versus respect. John can pull the I’ve been the big guy in the big pond and you’ve been in a much smaller pond,” Isenberg said.

On the other hand, Justin LaBar noted that the feud is a great story line though it would not be as great as Hulk Hogan-Rick Flair level, but certainly something to look forward to and it is something that the WWE SummerSlam is being built around.

“The Green Bay crowd made that heel turn that much better because they showed so much love to seeing the two of them standing in the ring just moments before the turn happened. Bottom line, it’s a great story. When you step out of the 8-11pm booking and bring in the Internet and fans everywhere, what better opponent for The Club than John Cena. They’ve dominated everywhere else and Cena’s the guy in WWE. This could be what SummerSlam is built around. Cena versus Styles isn’t quite Hogan versus Flair level but John Cena has been the guy for years in WWE and Styles has been the guy everywhere else but WWE,” LaBar added.

Thus, will Cena’s shoulder hold up against Styles’ attack? And is this story line worth the so-called “future” of the WWE that remains to be seen on June 19 when the WWE’s Money in the Bank gets going at the T-Mobile Arena of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Photo Courtesy: WWE.com/superstars

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