WWE Predictions: Five Superstars who will turn Heel in 2017

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There were a lot of shocking heel turns in 2016 including A.J. Styles beating up John Cena, Randy Orton joining The Wyatt Family and Neville taking over the cruiserweight division. In 2017, there will be more shocking heel turns and here is SportsRageous’ list of five superstars who will become bad next year.

The New Day

Technically, The New Day is a stable, but we’ll count them as one superstar. The trio of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E. is set to turn heel next year. According to Ringside News, the WWE will turn The New Day bad sometime after WrestleMania 33.

The longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history are still over the crowd but they are starting to get stale. A heel turn is necessary to keep them fresh. The thrived as heels last year and they will still be very entertaining as obnoxious bad guys.

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Sasha Banks

“The Boss” gimmick is meant to be a heel and Sasha Banks will turn into one next year. She was very good in the heel role during her feud with Bayley at NXT last year. They put up amazing matches and with Bayley’s push coming early next year, it is only a matter time before Banks is bank to her old ways.

The WWE will surely take their time in building up a heel Sasha against Bayley. They can always use the jealousy angle or “I’m better than you” storyline. But for now, “The Boss” needs to be a face since she’s up against the monstrous Nia Jax.

Dean Ambrose

When Dean Ambrose finally won the WWE championship, everyone was very happy. However, the fans have seemingly turned on him because he became stale. “The Lunatic Fringe” gimmick has turned into a comedy act and Ambrose needs to turn heel to freshen up his character.

The crazy character of Ambrose has a lot of potential and he certainly needs to do it in 2017. He can finally become the unstable lunatic he truly is. The only thing holding back a heel turn for Ambrose is the lack of faces on SmackDown Live.

John Cena

It has been 13 years since John Cena portrayed a heel. Many fans have been looking for his heel turn for several years now. The WWE is adamant in turning Cena bad because of the work he has done with kids outside of wrestling.

But with Cena bound for Hollywood, it is the perfect time for the 39-year-old to turn bad and embrace the dark side…or just play the guy that turned his back on the fans. It could work and it will, since a lot of Cena haters are going to love his new persona.

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Roman Reigns

Out of all the superstars on the main roster, Roman Reigns is the one needing a heel turn the most. In order for him to be a successful babyface, he has to become a bad guy first and not just “The Guy.” He is the next face of the company.

All of the previous face of the WWE (Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and John Cena) had a heel run before become a full-fledged babyface. Reigns has the chops to be an arrogant, cocky guy who knows that he can beat anyone up.

Photo Courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr

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