WWE Rumors: Brand split finally happening at SummerSlam

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The McMahon Family (Photo Courtesy: @WWE/Twitter)

The WWE has teased a return of the brand split for several months now since the return of Shane McMahon. However, Vince McMahon decided to unveil a new McMahon Era by having both Shane and Stephanie run Monday Night Raw.

Nonetheless, the latest WWE rumors suggest that the brand split is still going to happen sometime in the summer. In a report by Dean Siemon of DailyDDT, he mentioned that the friendly cooperation between the McMahon siblings is just a build up to a larger feud that will likely culminate at SummerSlam.

Siemon noted that as the storyline progresses, Stephanie will build some resentment towards Shane in regards with the powers to run Raw. Another superstar who might get involved in the story, Stephanie’s husband Triple H, has not been seen on television for over a month.

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The WWE could develop the brand split by having Triple H wanting The Authority back in power. It could lead to a match between Shane-O-Mac and Triple H at SummerSlam, with the loser leaving Monday Night Raw.

Whoever the loser may be will end up running SmackDown and starts a rivalry between the two brands. However, nothing has been confirmed as of this moment but expect WWE to be tinkering the positives of having a brand split.

The company has been devastated by a lot of injuries to its top stars in the past year. A possible brand split would result in a better schedule for the WWE superstars by alternating the house shows and live events.

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According to Bleacher Report, the brand split would be beneficial for superstars like Roman Reigns and The New Day as they are being overexposed. It will also benefit many underrated talents on the main roster who don’t have the time to be on television.

NXT talents could also be subjected to a draft before going to the main roster just like the other sports leagues in the United States. The WWE just has to be more creative and create logical storylines for every superstar, especially on SmackDown.

Photo Courtesy: @WWE/Twitter

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