WWE Rumors: Bray Wyatt wants The Rock at Wrestlemania 33

Bray Wyatt wants The Rock at Wrestlemania 33?
When Bray Wyatt confronted The Rock at Wrestlemania 32, it was thought to be just for a side show, but seeing Wyatt getting more fan base rumors are swirling that the WWE is considering of fuelling a feud between him and The Rock that would lead until Wrestlemania 33.

When Bray Wyatt confronted The Rock at Wrestlemania 32, it was thought to be just for a sideshow, but seeing Wyatt getting more fan base rumors are swirling that the WWE is considering of fueling a feud between him and The Rock that would lead until Wrestlemania 33.

Wyatt appeared together with members of The Wyatt Family at ESPN’s “Off the Top Rope” segment hosted by Todd Grisham as reported by sescoop.com. Grishman was filling in for Jonathan Coachman who is in Las Vegas for UFC 200. Wyatt stated that he still has unfinished business with The Rock and hopes that he would have the opportunity to face him at Wrestlemania 33.

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He added that The Rock is one of the big stars that the WWE has produced. Wyatt narrated his Wrestlemania 32 experience with The Rock and wants to put an end to their unfinished business next year in Orlando, Florida.

“The Rock is the biggest star in the world. Period… Being out there with The Rock, it was cool, I guess I would say. But I would also have to admit that we have unfinished business. And if he’s listening, if he’s watching – Rock, I would love to finish it at WrestleMania 33,” Wyatt said.

Though it remains to be seen if the WWE will grant Wyatt’s request of facing The Rock in the company’s grandest stage of the year. However, seeing how the fans have reacted to Wyatt’s presence in the ring it should not be hard for the WWE to give in if the fans, they would lobby for the match to happen next April. Wyatt added that when they made their debut in the WWE, people were not quite cool with them, but Wyatt stressed that people have somewhat understood their personality that they have now a sizable number of fans rooting for them.

“We came into the WWE with no expectations. It was like planting a seed on the ground and watching it over time grow into a beautiful tree. But at first, no one knew who we were, no one understood us, no one cared. But over time, it was been rewarding. As we grew in number and take the WWE head on against the top competitors here, people have come to respect us. Millions of people across the world pay to see us and become our ‘fireflies’ and has become a beautiful thing,” Wyatt explained.

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Wyatt’s rise to fame in the WWE took a halt when he suffered an injury to his right calf in a live event match against Roman Reigns that he was pulled off the WWE’s European Tour. It also resulted in canceling the building feud between the Wyatt Family and The League of Nations. Wyatt managed to make his return from injury in June and immediately started a feud with the WWE tag team champions, The New Day.

With the attention that the Wyatt Family is getting, Bray is hoping to get his chance to once again be part of the grandest stage in WWE and having The Rock will for sure make it a worthwhile match to see.

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