WWE Rumors: Bret Hart set to miss Payback 2016, ‘no desire’ for Hall of Famer to be on TV

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Photo courtesy: Mandy Coombes/Flickr.com

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) will showcase its annual Pay-Per-View (PPV) Payback this Sunday. Professional wrestling legend Bret “The Hitman” Hart is promoted to be present at the event. However, with one of his recent statements, speculations have surfaced which claims that the 58-year-old may not make an appearance at the show.

One of the premiere matches of WWE Payback 2016 will be the WWE Women’s Championship match between Charlotte defending her title against Natalya. Charlotte will have her father “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair at the ring corner. To prevent the “Dirtiest Player in the Game” from aiding his daughter to victory, Natalya called upon her uncle Bret Hart to be present at her corner.

With such an announcement and hype surrounding the match, the WWE universe is expecting a physical showdown between Flair and Hart. The wrestling world has laid witness to various iconic showdowns of the two legendary wrestlers at both WWE and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). However, Hart himself came out with a bomb which suggested his “no desire” to be on TV. The only reason for him to be present at the PPV was to honor Natalya.

“I do it to honor Nattie, I [have] no desire to be there no desire to be in TV. I’m happy to be there for Nattie but I’ve just had wrist surgery so it’s not a great time.” Hart said to Total Wrestling Magazine.

The statement might give few of the supporters a huge sigh of relief considering that Hart has a reason to be present at the event, but it clearly shows his lack of interest for the current WWE product. The man from Calgary, Canada has always been critical of the current offering by the wrestling promotion and even went to say that the recently concluded WrestleMania 32 had the worst wrestling card ever.

Despite criticizing the Vince McMahon owned company; Hart is seen making occasional appearances at certain events of the promotion. However, if it was for him to decide, The Hitman would have certainly skipped the Payback 2016 PPV.

Photo courtesy: Mandy Coombes/Flickr.com

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