WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar suspension after Randy Orton incident at SummerSlam 2016?

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Brock Lesnar might appear at SummerSlam despite failing a drug test
Photo courtesy: Miguel Discar/Wikipedia

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) SummerSlam 2016 ended with Randy Orton bleeding heavily from his head. The referee was forced to declare Brock Lesnar as the winner by “technical knockout”.

WWE Rumors suggest that the wrestling promotion will investigate Lesnar’s actions in the match and could suspend the superstar for going off-script. Despite Orton claiming later that the entire incident was supposed to end this way, many believe that majority owner, chairman, and CEO of the company, Vince McMahon is extremely angry at the incident and wants to take serious actions against the Beast Incarnate by suspending him.

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Several minutes into the main event, Lesnar took off his gloves and started hitting Orton, directly to his head. This led to Orton bleeding heavily as Lesnar kept on with his brutality. Couple of minutes into the incident, the referee was forced to stop the match, as reported by Sports Illustrated. later reported that Orton required 10 staples in his head to close the wound and stop the bleeding.

After WWE SummerSlam 2016 concluded, internet has been ripped apart in opinions. While many claim that the incident has been staged, there are a few who believes that it was the company’s decision to take this approach, mainly to build the SmackDown-Raw rivalry, according to

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Lesnar’s win over Orton comes after his controversial UFC victory over Mark Hunt. But, his victory was marred when the Beast tested positive for using a banned substance.

The 39-year-old faced heavy criticism from the UFC fans and Hunt. However, his strong performance against Orton proved that the “1 in 21-1” still is a deadly fighter in the ring and has the ability to step-up to the occasion when required.

Photo courtesy: Miguel Discar/Wikipedia

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