WWE Rumors: Cesaro facing Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship very soon

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Cesaro (Photo Courtesy: rbasallote/Flickr)

Cesaro is well on his way to coming back and winning his Best of Seven Series against Sheamus. According to the latest WWE rumors, Cesaro might end up getting a shot at Kevin Owens and the WWE Universal Championship very soon.

The Swiss Superman avoided a sweep last week at a live event in London to make the series 3-1 before winning Match No. 5 in this week’s Monday Night Raw. Several WWE rumors in the past have suggested that Cesaro coming back and winning the series has been the plan all along.

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According to Eric Arrington of Daily Wrestling News, there are two possibilities for Cesaro after winning against Sheamus. The first scenario is a WWE Universal Title match against Kevin Owens or Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell on October 30.

The second one is a possible trade to SmackDown, something that has been in many WWE rumors since the draft. The blue brand will be more suited to Cesaro since it is more of a wrestling show than Raw but nothing has been confirmed.

Nevertheless, Match No. 6 is expected to happen on next week’s Raw while Match No. 7 will be at Clash of Champions. If Cesaro ends up getting a title shot after this, it signals the push that he is expecting after his shoot promo after the draft.

The 35-year-old superstar blasted management for prioritizing authority figures rather than the wrestlers. He reportedly received minor heat for that promo but Vince McMahon liked that he had the balls to stand up for himself.

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However, it should be noted that these are just WWE rumors at the moment and plans tend to change. Fans of Cesaro have to hope for the best since the company has always dropped the ball on the push he really deserves.

Photo Courtesy: rbasallote/Flickr

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